20 Ways To Lose Weight Without Sports and Diets Can’t force yourself to exercise or go on a diet? And you don’t need to! There are ways to become “thinner” by practically playing. How to lose weight without sports and diets – in the material MedAboutMe.

20 Ways To Lose Weight Without Sports And Diets

Although scientists and doctors are of the opinion that there is no main meal, everything matters in losing weight.

In a study published in the journal Obesity, a group of obese women was given a 700-calorie breakfast, a 500-calorie lunch, and a 200-calorie dinner. The second group was given the same food but was offered a different order of eating – breakfast for 200 kcal, lunch for 500, and dinner for 700.

After 12 weeks of the experiment, the first group lost about 8 kg of excess weight, while the second – only 3.

Skip Your Morning Latte:

Today, when coffee shops are on every corner, you can get a third of your daily calorie intake just during the morning exercise.

People who drink lattes on the way to work can get an extra 500 calories from sweeteners in their drinks or extra desserts. In order not to accumulate extra pounds, you need to drink classic coffee without sweeteners. The caffeine in it, by the way, promotes weight loss.

Hang A Mirror In The Kitchen:

A mirror is needed not only to tidy up your hair and evaluate a new outfit but also to eat less.

In one scientific experiment shared by the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, eating in front of a mirror cut dieters’ calorie intake during the day by a third. And all because it helped to control appetite.

Hang A Mirror In The Kitchen
Watch Horror Movies:

While watching a movie with scenes of horror in the body, the level of the stress hormone adrenaline rises, and besides, the heart rate increases. All this causes the body to burn more calories. So watching horror movies is good for the figure.

Make Love:

Those who prefer the warm hugs of a partner and a soft silk bed to horror movies are also one step ahead in the fight against extra pounds.

During an orgasm, a person burns an average of 60-100 kcal, and the process of making love can help to lose a couple of hundred more – it all depends on the activity of the couple and their imagination.

Eat Wrapped Candy:

If you can’t give up sugary snacks just yet, at least choose wrapped candies. A Swiss study found that people ate 30% less candy if they had to unwrap it first. Visit Finding Relief: List of Common Top Analgesics For Pain Management.

Buy The Right Color For Your Dishes:

Scientists have found that people eat less food if it is served in dishes of a certain color. When they invited people to eat from a white plate, they ate less food than when they ate the same food from a black and red plate.

And other researchers assure that the main thing is not the color of the plate, but the contrast of the food. The sharper the food contrasts in relation to the color of the dish, the less a person eats too much.

Buy The Right Color For Your Dishes.

Eat Soup Before Dinner:

Those who are slowly but surely moving towards weight loss should change their habits and start dinner not with a salad, like a light aperitif, but with hot soup.

A study published in the journal Appetite found that when people ate a low-calorie thick soup before dinner, they ate 20% less food compared to those who ate no soup at all. But scientists note that the soup should be thick and low in calories.

Skip Low-Fat Foods:

Some people associate low-fat foods with weight loss, but when it comes to dairy products, the exact opposite is true.

People who choose zero-fat milk end up gaining weight. It is worth buying dairy products with a fat content of at least 2%. Such food will give a long-lasting feeling of satiety and ultimately help to gain harmony.

Add Cayenne Pepper to Your Food:

Curious results of the study were presented by specialists from Purdue University. When, on the advice of scientists, people seasoned food with cayenne pepper at the rate of half a teaspoon per serving, at the next meal they ate 60 calories less.

Serve Food In Small Bowls:

Another secret of nutrition for weight loss is to eat food from a small plate. People who did this ended up eating less and were protected from overheating.

Serve Food In Small Bowls

Eat music:

Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners in a quiet cozy environment are good for those who are tired of the noise at work. And light muffled music is for those who are losing weight. Researchers have found that people who dine indoors with dim lights and soft music enjoy their food more, savor every bite, and rarely overeat.

Skip Meat Sometimes:

And it’s best to do it in favor of vegetables. By replacing meat with a “rainbow” of vegetables, you can not only enrich the body with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but also fiber, which improves digestion and helps you lose weight faster.

Rock your Leg:

If a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, any activity is welcome, experts from Harvard University are sure . They found that when a person is not sitting still and he constantly shakes his leg, he can burn an additional 350 kcal per day.

Park As Far As You Can:

When working in a sedentary position, it is important to use every opportunity to walk, or better yet, go for a run. For example, park your car away from work.

While walking, you can dream about something of your own or consider a plan for speaking at an upcoming meeting.

Sleep In A Dark Room:

In order not to interrupt the weight loss process during the night’s rest, you need to go to bed only in a very dark room – for example, with curtains that block the light.

In a study cited by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it was found that experimental rodents sleeping in bright and dim lighting ate more during the day compared to those who slept in pitch darkness. Scientists suggest that in an experiment with humans, the results will be identical.

Sleep in a dark room

Take Up A New Hobby:

Intense workouts in the gym and running in the morning are not inspiring for everyone, but there are other ways to be active. For example, inspired by a new hobby. You can dance, plant flowers on the site, and organize excursions along the streets of your native city. The more active the hobby, the better.

Watch Less TV:

According to statistics, the average adult spends about 5 hours watching TV every day. This is a lot. To understand how to deal with this, scientists conducted an experiment involving dogs.

They installed an electronic locking system on the TV, which made the younger brothers 50% less likely to watch TV. Ways To Lose Weight Without Sports And Diets Because of this, they spent an additional 119 kcal each day on a different activity.

Scientists are sure that blocking the TV, or simply giving up passive leisure, will also be useful to people.

Get Outside:

Daily stress can provoke overeating and thus contribute to the accumulation of fat on the sides. Long walks can eliminate it. Try to walk more often outside and make it a habit to breathe fresh air for at least 30 minutes a day. Scientists note that even doing nothing in nature improves mental and physical health.

End The Day With Mint Tea:

If it is useful to drink coffee for weight loss in the morning, then the evening is the time for aromatic tea. Some of its varieties can pacify the appetite and contribute to the acquisition of harmony. For example, mint tea with cinnamon.

End the day with mint tea

Peppermint suppresses appetite, and cinnamon helps lower blood sugar levels. All of this is good for weight loss.

Be Slim And Healthy!

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