Anyone who has ever ridden in a Car Seat safely with a child knows what a trip with a baby who is not accustomed to a car seat turns into. The child wants to eat, then drink, then in his arms, then he lost a dummy or a toy, then the sun blinds him in his eyes. And keeping your hands under the belts, and not pulling them out, is a separate task. A car seat can be a real challenge for a toddler, but there are ways to teach him to ride in a car according to the rules of the road.

Act Car Seat Safety

There are parents who give up after 10 minutes of tantrums and take the baby out of the chair, allowing him to sit unfastened. They think that next time everything will be different, and the child will someday get used to a special seat, but it turns out exactly the opposite.

The kid continues to rebel, and each new trip turns into a headache for the driver. Experts advise acting gently but firmly. If the baby screamed and burst into tears, you should stop, calm him down, and then re-fasten and continue on your way.

Find the Perfect seat for your Chair

The safest place in the car is considered to be the place behind the driver, but if an adult travels alone in a car with a child, then interaction with him in this position is much more complicated. The driver will have to constantly stop to meet the needs of the baby, so it is best to put him next to the front seat, if this is allowed by age standards, the design of the car, and the car seat.

It should be remembered that the car seat for children of group 0+ is installed with the back in the direction of travel. Move the passenger seat as far back as possible for comfortable interaction with the baby and make sure that the sun visor is provided to prevent possible sunstroke. Also, note that the airbag function for this seat must be deactivated.

Consider Clothing for the Weather

Consider Clothing for the Weather

If the child does not like the car seat, then perhaps because he is too hot. Remember that it is much warmer in the device that is tight on three sides than on the outside. Even in the cold season, you should not leave your child there in winter clothes, especially if the trip drags on for a long time.

In addition, the design features of car seats suggest the absence of thick clothes on the Car Seat Safety child, otherwise, the straps will not be tight enough. Alternatively, you can add a fleece jumpsuit to your usual home clothes and take an additional blanket with you on the road. The child must be able to move, but the wrapped baby loses this ability and becomes nervous. Another search term Alphabet: Educational Fun Games for Kids 4 Years Old.

Take Care of the Entertainment

You definitely cannot do without it when traveling with a child. What toys should children take on the road? Of course, it is necessary to take into account the age of the baby and his preferences. However, experienced parents warn that it is better not to take collapsible models on a trip, otherwise, you will have to constantly stop and look for falling-off parts.

In general, experts advise moms and dads to start training their memory in order to entertain children on the road with songs, poems, and all kinds of nursery rhymes, and turn on children’s radio, or children’s songs and fairy tales. It will not be superfluous to mount an electronic tablet in the back of the front seat so that an older child can watch cartoons on the road.

Bring a Snack

The debate about whether to teach a child older than infancy to eat in a car is constantly ongoing among Car Seat Safety parents. Some are ready for anything if only the baby is silent and does not interfere with driving, while others are much more expensive than clean upholstery and clean doors.

In fact, you can always find a middle ground, so that “the wolves are full and the sheep are safe.” For a full meal, stop on the side of the road and help the baby with juice, a sandwich, and waffles, and on the way, allow them to nibble on cookies or eat an apple.